A Guide on How to Write a Term Paper

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As the class reaches the end of a quarter or semester, students are assessed on how much knowledge or experience he or she has gained during the term. Through a term paper the student writes down a recording of information and principles acquired throughout the course evaluated by a professor. Knowing how to write a term paper is important in increasing the student’s chances of getting a high grade.

A term paper usually constitutes a major part of a student’s grade, hence, it is the last chance of the student to prove that he or she is worthy of passing a course. Writing a term paper can be dreadful for students. However, knowing how to write a termpaper correctly and effectively will help the student accomplish the task easily.

The first guideline on how to write a term paper is to choose a topic or subject. In choosing a topic, the student first needs to do some brainstorming, listing down several possible topics and interests in mind. A topic that is neither too general nor too specific must be chosen. Also, one must choose a topic that is interesting and unique. The next step is to make an outline. The outline need not be a detailed one, but it should contain the flow of the term paper. It helps keep the student organized and provides for the skeleton of the term paper. It can be done by listing down the different parts and subparts of the term paper, adding some details per part so that as the student goes along, it would be easier to research and gather notes.

After making the outline, search for materials that support and give valuable information about the topic. Sources however should not be more than 20 years old, meaning outdated ones should not be included. How to write a term paper includes looking for good reference materials. Choose appropriate ones that will bolster your claims. After all, a claim does not hold water if unsupported by evidence. Statistics, studies and other researches can strengthen your claim. Look through books, articles, periodicals, journals, and internet sources. Take down notes and make sure to make the proper citation in lifting a text and putting in on the term paper to avoid plagiarism.

From the facts and information gathered, make a brief and creative introduction for your paper in order to catch the reader’s interest and curiosity. Then create a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a vital portion of the term paper because it serves as a preview to the entire output. A good thesis statement should be simple and concise. It is that idea which will be discussed and defended throughout the paper to be backed up by sources and concluded upon. After having written the thesis statement, it is wise to consult the professor for approval and help if it is needed.

The next step is to proceed to the term paper drafting. This is the part where most of the writing comes into. Use the first outline previously made, expound each part stated therein. Formats and writing styles are incorporated herein. At this point the writer can develop the parts, add or eliminate others. Make the discussions on each paragraph or sections. Explanatory paragraphs are included following each main point. It is important to put one’s analysis and arguments and use the researched data to support the main points in making the body of the term paper. End it with a strong conclusion.

After finishing the term paper, polishing comes next. How to write a term paper includes editing and proofreading the output. Check the proper spelling and grammar, as well as the proper citation, quotation, and punctuation. With the above information in mind, no doubt you already know how to write a term paper by now.

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