How I Write My Book Report

Everyone can write although people differ in terms of writing skills. Unfortunately for some, students need to do a lot of writing every now and then. One teacher would ask for an essay and another would ask for a book report. If you are having a hard time or don’t know how to start, you can consider the same way I write my book report.

I start with the important parts. You can start your book report with the essential information or facts about the book. Some examples are the title, type, author, publisher and the copyright of the book.

You can then move to the next important stuff. I also read the purpose for writing the book. If you want to do the same, you can watch interviews of the author or read his preface.

It is also important that the book report indicates the theme, subject or topic. You can also discuss the generalization about the subject from the author’s perspective. You can continue by stating the author’s statements to support the thesis. You may also quote the author if you like.

You can discuss the characters if you are writing about a book of fiction. You can even cover the character’s development as well as their physical and intellectual qualities. You can also discuss the plot and the factors that make it interesting. Was it the mystery? On the other hand, keep in mind that the dates, sources and other facts are what matters most when writing on non-fiction books.

You should remember that a book report is not just about stating facts or quoting the author. It is also important that you express your thoughts. However, you should evaluate the book to do this. Some aspects to look at are the book’s usefulness, importance and thoroughness. You may also state if you agree with the author or otherwise.

A book report should also be balanced. You can discuss the parts where the author seems to be not convincing. You may also cover the aspects that you think the book should have covered but had not.

You can also go to technicalities such as the layout and typography. You can even cover the accuracy of the index, table of contents, end notes, etc.

You can also provide information about the author and some books he wrote especially if they have something to do with the subject. You can also cover personal information such as his qualifications if it has something to do with the book that you are writing about.

Lastly, I also make sure that I summarize the report, evaluation and analysis prior to the conclusion. The conclusion is usually repeating everything you said before but in a much shorter version. Ideally, we must not introduce new statements in this part but we have to ensure that the main points of the report are reiterated.

Writing a book report is quite easy if you have an idea on what to write. Be sure that it tackles the facts as well as your observations, comments and analysis.

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