How to Write a Book Report

The following article is about how to write a good book report. Remember that you can always save your time and buy a book report written by professional academic writers here.

A book report is pretty much similar to a review of a book. The only difference is that it proves to be more descriptive. It contains a brief description about a particular subject or a topic. How to write a book report is the most common question that pops up to the mind of authors and writers. When it comes to book reviews, one should be aware of the fact that they have to be persuasive.

Teachers always feel pleasure in assigning this type of writings. Therefore, one should always be aware of general requirements that can assist in letting them know how to write a good book report.


Introduction is that part of the book where the writer has to provide information about the subject that has been discussed in the book report. The introductory section should contain strong sentences for grabbing the attention of the reader. It can also include the author’s name, title of the book report, year of publishing, name of the publisher, and other important details. The content in a book report might differ depending on the grade level. For example, some precise information or basic credentials about the author may be required.


This section of the report provides the reader with an extended and more precise version of the book. The body can be divided into two subsections. The first is the explanation part which contains the main information about the topic. The second section is the evaluation where the student can place his or her  comments or thoughts about the book.


In the beginning there has to be an overview of the topic of the book. Give all the main points that highlight the topic and then put in some arguments.

A writer should avoid trying to summarize every chapter. One should summarize only those chapters that have more significance. These factors should be considered in order to find out the best way how to write a book report.


The evaluation section contains the student’s analysis of the book, his opinions and thoughts. One might want to consider some questions mentioned below:

  • Did the author achieve his purpose?
  • Do you like the genre?
  • Do you like the author’s style?
  • Is the book well-written?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?
  • Any symbols noticed?
  • Which characters did you like most?
  • Was the book informative, fascinating, boring etc.?


Conclusion is that part where the reader puts everything together. Just go through all what you have touched in the report and summarize it in this final paragraph. Is there anything lacking in your report? Sometimes teachers want you to restate the author’s name in the conclusion. It’s useful to consider some additional impressions such as whether the ending seems  satisfactory for you or whether you would recommend this book.

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