What is Critical Thinking Definition?

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Every day, you take a lot of decisions that impact your life either directly or indirectly. What is it that helps you make such decisions and know whether you have made a right one? It is the power of critical thinking that lets you do this.

Critical Thinking Definition

It is the ability by which a person makes decisions. It involves judging various evidence and facts before forming an opinion, which is not made under the influence of any other person or source. It is a very important faculty that is constantly required in the daily life of any person. It is not to be confused with deep thinking. Rather, it is the decision or opinion that is arrived at after deep logical thinking.

How Critical Thinking Develops?

Generally, a person develops the ability to think critically by the time he or she reaches adolescence. It is the improper development of this ability that differentiates a child from an adult. Critical thinking is said to depend on several factors, such as:

  • Development of the brain: the right and left hemispheres of the brain gather information and perceive it. The frontal lobes process the accumulated data. The more efficient the brain, the more it can think critically.
  • Development of language skills: language tags and organizes information. For example, when you hear the word “apple,” you conceive it in the mind and recall all the information you know about it.
  • Role of parents: parental guidance plays a vital role in developing cognitive and oral language skills. Guidance from parents about associations between objects, situations, and actions can be essential in developing critical consideration.

How to Improve Critical Thinking?

The ability to think critically is very important for survival, particularly in a world that is getting more complex every day. Here are some ways that can help boost critical thought process.

  • Consider a problem yourself: whenever you encounter a problem, try to figure out the solutions yourself. Try not to ask others’ opinions as much as possible. This will help you judge a situation from different perspectives and develop your own critical powers.
  • Gather correct information: before forming a decision, collect information about an issue from as many reliable sources as possible. Analyze the information as well as sources to check for accuracy. Make an informed decision once you have verified the accuracy. This will help clear your prejudices as well as avoid making wrong decisions due to incorrect information.
  • Observe situations: try to observe various situations and think about them analytically when alone. Being in the company of others disturbs concentration as well as influences thoughts.
  • Meditate: regular meditation improves concentration and helps the mind to focus on a single issue for a long time. A focused mind automatically boosts the critical thought process.

Just like Rome, the ability of critical thinking cannot be built in a day. It needs constant practice and correct application of logical thinking to form accurate critical opinions. With continuous practice and the right attitude, you will soon be able to develop your critical thought process and solve everyday situations with greater ease.

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